It really doesn't seem like a year ago...

But it has been! Bill & Christine have been MARRIED for a WHOLE YEAR! Their wedding kicked off our 2021 wedding season and it was perfect. These two got married on the most beautiful, sunny, balmy March day at the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City, New Jersey.

This year, the day was certainly not as sunny and balmy - it was about 30 degrees with a winter storm and wind warning! But the cold weather didn't stop us; we moved the session inside and took advantage of the beautiful interior of the Flanders Hotel.

This session was so much fun! Bill & Christine were spending the weekend in the hotel and we really enjoyed re-exploring it with them for an hour. And can you believe that these two wore the same Converse sneakers that they got married in?! This was probably our favorite detail of the day. And as a bonus, we were even able to sneak back into the actual room that these two got married in to relive the moment!

We hope you enjoy getting a little sneak peek in to Bill & Christine's love story through our lens. If you're curious about what their big day looked like, you can see their wedding blog post here. And please join us in congratulating the lucky couple on one year of health, happiness, and love!

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