A Rustic Fall Wedding

Josh & Colleen got married at Renault Winery's Vineyard Ballroom on a rainy October day. But, like Colleen's maid of honor told everyone in her toast towards the end of the night, a rainy wedding day is nothing to be nervous about. A knot that becomes wet becomes extremely strong and very hard to untie, so when you "tie the knot" on a rainy day, that can signify that your marriage will last!

The rain didn't slow the couple or their families down one bit - as everyone was smiling and cheerful throughout the whole day! Colleen was absolutely beautiful in her gown, and all of her hand-picked details were amazingly displayed in their venue. We told her at the beginning of the day that she should consider a new career in wedding design - and we're sure you'll agree as you look through all the incredible attention to detail in all of the little touches that she planned out. Josh and his crew looked great in their green suits, which fit the theming perfectly!

Some of our favorite moments of their day, both big and small, were:

  • The retro games that they put out for their friends and family to play during cocktail hour. We've never seen this before and it was such a fun, unique, and thoughtful touch!
  • After Colleen's makeup and hair were done, she sat on the couch and made a small show of helping her young niece put some chapstick on - like it was lipstick that all the "big girls" got. It was such a cute little in-between moment that has stuck with us since!
  • Josh and his crew, showing off their NFL socks and laughing as they enjoyed their early afternoon together
  • When Josh & Colleen finally saw each other coming down the aisle. Colleen had told us going into the day that Josh's reaction in that moment was one of the most important photos of the day for her - and his face didn't disappoint. We don't think that his eyes left her during her entire walk down the aisle, and everyone could tell how in awe he was, and how totally in love he is with his bride.

We hope that you enjoy seeing this small glimpse into Josh & Colleen's wedding day through our lens. And please help us congratulate the happy couple, and wish them many years of health and happiness to come!

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