You're ENGAGED?! Congrats!

For many of our couples, their Engagement Session is the first time they've had professional photos done in a long time - or sometimes ever! So we totally understand that it may seem overwhelming or a bit intimidating. But we're always here to help simplify the photography process for our couples - and today we're looking at some of our favorite outfit selection tips to make your Engagement Session prep easier!

Before we dive in, we always like to make sure to share our golden rule of dressing for your Engagement Session: make sure you are dressing in clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident! We know from years of experience that you will feel so much better during your session if you are wearing clothes that make you feel amazing - and to us, that great experience is just as important as how much you'll love your images! Take some time picking your outfit to make sure it fits well, flatters you, and that you feel great in it. Don't spend hours at the store the day before, desperately buying something that doesn't really meet your vision just because it's the only thing you can find! And, if ordering online, try to allow yourself enough time after receiving the outfit to try it on and make sure you like it. We may be speaking a little from personal experience there...


The first question we hear from most couples is around what color clothes they should wear for the Engagement Session. We'll discuss some of our go-to suggestions below. For our style, we generally recommend going with a lighter, soft, pastel colors if you want to stay with a light and airy feel. And we always recommend avoiding what we call "true" colors - meaning the full, bright, saturated colors you'd find in a standard 12 pack of crayons - as they tend to photograph pretty harshly and can be unflattering.

Light Colors

Light colors are always our go-to recommendation. They are soft, romantic, fun, and fit well with our shooting style. Some colors to consider that fit this category are light blue, blush pink, creams, tans, light grays, the range of pastel colors, and of course WHITE. White can be a really powerful choice, since it reminds people that you'll be getting MARRIED soon!

Jewel Tones

Many of our couples don't see themselves in super light colored clothes very often and are more comfortable in richer, deeper tones. This is totally fine! In this case, we recommend going with jewel tones like sapphire blue, emerald green, or ruby red. These colors provide a great "pop" in photos and can really look elegant, sophisticated, and refined.

Earthy Tones

Another really popular color trend is earthy-tones. These generally aren't our first recommendations, as they typically photograph better with a darker, moodier style, but they can really still work in our shots as well, when balanced with the right backgrounds and lighting! Examples of these would be a forest or sage green, goldenrod, or berry purple.


Color is just one part of your clothes - another important element is the material it's made of. The right type of fabric can make or break an outfit in terms of comfort and flattery!

Stiffer and Thicker Fabrics

We generally recommend a thicker or stiffer fabric - like a cotton or linen blend. These fabrics look amazing when paired with lighter colors and can really flatter most body types. They have a little bit of body so, especially when it comes to dresses, they can flow while keeping a very beautiful shape.

Thin Fabrics that Drape & Stretch

Thinner fabrics can be less forgiving as you move around, so pay close attention to how comfortable you feel when wearing them! Consider pairing thinner fabrics with darker colors.

Cut / Fit

Probably the biggest contributor to how comfortable you'll feel in an outfit is the fit - and we want you to be comfortable first and foremost! Be sure to pick a cut that flatters your most favorite parts of yourself!


We love this for obvious reasons, especially when paired with lighter colors and thicker fabrics like cotton or linen. This is the pinnacle of an airy aesthetic! Look for clothes that fit well around your favorite parts, and then gradually flow out for that romantic look!


This cut can be great for someone who really wants to show off some curves! We love a good form fitting dress, especially when paired with a richer color - that option just exudes sophistication!

Other tips!

Here are some other helpful tips we've learned along the way that might be helpful as you put the finishing touches on your Engagement Session look!

  • Avoid tiny patterns (smaller than a dime), as they can create strange visual effects in photos
  • Consider treating yourself to professional hair and makeup for the occasion - but keep it feeling natural to you! Or, if you're willing to invest a bit more, check out services like Rent the Runway, where you can find luxe looks for less!
  • When looking into your partner's outfit, the goal is to coordinate - not match! Avoid wearing the same exact colors in the exact same proportions, and instead think through what colors work well together. Consider having a two-color palette where each of you use a different color as your primary, with splashes of the secondary to tie your looks together.

And, like we said in the beginning, our biggest tip is to plan an outfit that makes you feel strong, powerful, confident, and comfortable. We know you're going to look amazing and we CANNOT WAIT for your Engagement Session soon!