About Us

We are two cousins with one shared passion: to tell stories through photographs. We believe that every one has an amazing story filled with special moments every day. We're here to help preserve those moments and create lasting legacies.


I got my first camera when I was 13 and never put it down. Over the years, I've grown to love photography because it helped me overcome my anxiety and fear. As long as I had a camera in my hand, I knew I could do anything.

I have spent countless hours in my life involved with photography, including studying it in college. I always challenge myself to take amazing photographs that capture my subject's personality and the feeling of the moment.


When I was in first grade I got my hands on a used Polaroid instant film camera. I convinced my parents to get me some film, and I was off.

Then, in middle school, Christina bought me my first digital camera as a gift. I remember spending hours running around taking photos and videos and trying to document the everyday wonders of young teenage life. I filled up one 512 MB memory card after another trying to capture every new, different, and ordinary moment.

Over the years, I've developed a deep appreciation of what a photograph can do. It's like a visual bookmark that can instantly bring you back to a moment, a memory, or a feeling. I'm passionate about helping others experience this powerful feeling by using photography to help bookmark moments in their lives - no matter if that moment is new, different, or just wonderfully ordinary.