You just got engaged - congratulations!

It’s such an exciting time and you should enjoy it to the fullest! But soon enough, there are going to be a ton of questions that the two of will have to start answering. When should we get married? What will our colors be? Who should be in our wedding party? One of the first questions that couples come to, however, is this: should we have engagement photos done?

Our answer? Undeniably “YES”!

We include complimentary Engagement Sessions in all of our all-day Wedding Photography Collections. When they see this, many of our clients see it as a perk to get a bunch of cute photos of themselves that they can share on Instagram, or to have printed to hang in their home, or to use for their Save the Date cards. But the truth is that there are so many more reasons than that why we include Engagement Sessions for our couples. 

Keep reading on to find out some of the most important reason why we recommend that every engaged couple gets engagement photos done with their future wedding photographer!

Get used to working together

Notice above how we said we recommend that couples have their Engagement Session with their future wedding photographer. This is an important distinction to make. The Engagement Session is where you get a chance to meet and spend time with your photographer. This is the person who will be by your side for your entire wedding day. The Engagement Session gives you a chance to get to know them, talk and learn about each other, and maybe even create some fun inside jokes about your experience together! Your Engagement Session will help you feel more comfortable around your photographer as a person, so that they feel like an old friend spending time with you on your wedding day instead of someone that you’ve only exchanged emails with.

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Get comfortable in front of the camera

We get it - staring at that big lens with all the clicking sounds feels weird. It’s not like we walk around with people taking our photos on the regular! For most people, there’s a “comfort-curve” when it comes to having a photo shoot. We know from experience that the first few minutes of your shoot will feel a little weird. It’s totally normal to wonder if you look okay or are doing things right (but trust us, you look awesome and we design our whole posing flow to make sure you really can’t mess it up!). But, wouldn’t you rather feel that way on a normal weekday without any added pressure instead of feeling that way on your wedding day? 

We find that couples who have their engagement sessions with us feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera by the time their wedding rolls around. They settle into the flow because they have already built up some familiarity with being in front of our cameras. And that goes a long way towards creating natural, authentic portraits that show real emotion!

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Practice makes perfect!

This is similar to the last point, but there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of doing something and being able to practice it before the pressure is on. At your engagement session, we take you through our simple posing flow and will share tips and tricks with you to help you look your best. And we guarantee that when your wedding day arrives, all of that will come flooding back with ease. And all of that practice you had during your engagement session means that your portraits will also move much faster on the day of your wedding - which is a huge plus! The more experienced you are with your photographer, the quicker things will move, and the more beautiful portraits you’ll get with less stress on your nerves and your day-of timeline.

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We have worked with many couples who didn't have an Engagement Session with us

Sometimes they just weren't interested in photos; sometimes it was a scheduling conflict; sometimes it was a last-minute planning decision. We totally get it, and we love all our couples regardless of whether we get to spend time with them before their wedding day. But we can absolutely say that we have seen a trend where couples who are able to prioritize their Engagement Sessions go into their wedding day portraits more confident, comfortable, and excited.

If the promise of all those super-cute photos wasn't enough to get you pumped up about having an Engagement Session, we hope that some of the other information in this post has done the trick!

Have we done it? Have we convinced you that you need and Engagement Session? Like we said above, we are so passionate about the importance of those sessions that we include them for free in all of our Wedding Photography Collections. We'd love the chance to chat with you about how passionate we are about making your experience as *perfect* as possible! Check out more information about our Wedding Photography Services here!