The ultimate wedding wow-factor: the view!

When we first got the chance to meet Kyle & Lindsay and start to discuss their wedding plans with them, it was immediately clear that these two had fallen in love with their venue. They kept telling us about how gorgeous it was and how excited they were to be getting married there. And we can honestly say we weren't prepared to have our minds blown that day when we saw in person just right they were! These two found such a gem in their epic venue, and we're so happy we got to be a part of their day and experience that joy with them!

One of the key design themes of their day was florals - everything from Lindsay's whimsical flower crown, to countless colors and textures of her bouquet, to the gorgeous and varied table settings, to all their stationary and signage, and all the way to the literal field of wildflowers that these two got married in front of. There were pops of color everywhere, and it created such a warm and inviting atmosphere on their special day.

Kyle & Lindsay got ready and had their First Look off-site before spending the rest of the day at their venue, Strawberry Hill Mansion at Baldpate Mountain. Everything was perched right on the mountaintop, with sweeping views of the wildflower field and valley below. And they got to use that beautiful view as the backdrop of their wedding ceremony (seriously, check out those photos below - you won't believe that this is a real place!). And these two have a history of epic locations in their relationship, since they got engaged on a Caribbean island. We weren't there to see the proposal, but we'd bet that the view at their wedding would give the beach view a run for its money!

Lindsay and Kyle looked AMAZING and had the sweetest ceremony, tying the knot in front of their closest friends and family. The love they share for each other was so evident, as we don't think we saw them stop smiling once throughout the day! Before we knew it, they were walking back up the aisle as newlyweds. And even though these two had a packed timeline for their day, we were so happy that they prioritized some time around sunset for portraits - because they way these two looked, combined with their epic venue and that beautifully soft sunset light, really created some magic!

We hope you enjoy getting to see a little glimpse of Kyle & Lindsay's wedding day through our lens. And please help us congratulate the newlyweds: Mr. & Mrs. Spohn!

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