You’re likely stumbling on this article because we’ve just delivered your beautiful photos through your personal online Client Gallery - and can we just take a minute to say “YAY!!!!”. We are so excited for you to jump in and enjoy your images to the fullest!

To help you get the most out of your experience in your Client Gallery, we wanted to take a minute to familiarize you with some of the cool features that are built in. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Viewing the photos in your gallery
  • Favoriting photos
  • Downloading your photos
  • Sharing your gallery online
  • Ordering prints and photo products through the Store

Viewing the photos in your gallery

When you first click the link and enter your personal Client Gallery, you will see a full-screen image with the a button to “Open” the gallery. By either clicking that button or scrolling down, you’ll begin to see a grid of all your photos. For multi-hour sessions and weddings, we organize your photos into “sets”, which will be displayed on the white menu bar right above the photos. You can navigate through photo sets by clicking them from this menu, or by selecting “See More” when you reach the bottom of the current set. 

Viewing the photos in your gallery

Favoriting photos

This option is great for:

  • Newlyweds who are proofing or selecting photos for their albums
  • Grabbing just a few photos to download from within the gallery
  • Sharing a small subset of images with friends and family without sharing the whole gallery

To Favorite a photo, simply scroll over it and click the heart icon. The first time you do this, you will be prompted to enter your email address so your Favorites can be saved and tracked. When you want to review your Favorites, scroll back up to the top menu and click on the “Favorite” option. This will open a dashboard of sorts where you can select the page with just your favorited images. From this page, you can chose to download your images or share them with friends and family via email, with us for proofing, or to social media via the link. You can also remove Favorites by clicking heart icon on the image again and selecting “Remove”.

Favoriting Photos

Downloading your photos

To download the entire gallery at once, select the “Download” option on the top menu from any photo set within the gallery. You will be asked to enter your email address and the Download PIN, which was provided to you when we sent your gallery link. After entering this information, you’ll be asked to select which photo sets you’d like to download. You can select as many or as few as you want. You’ll then choose whether you want to download a Full Resolution copy of these photos or a compressed Web Size version. Then simply select where you’d like to download the images to (your computer, Dropbox, or Google photos) and click “Start Download”. Depending on the number of images and the resolution chosen, this download may take a minute or two!

When selecting the download size (either Full Resolution or Web Size), here is our guidance:

  • If you are printing the photos, download the Full Resolution. These files will support print sizes up to 16x20. For larger sizes, please send us an email and we can review if you need a higher resolution file.
  • If you are downloading the images to share on social media, we highly recommend the Web Size version. Web Size images are already compressed using the sophisticated software within your gallery to preserve image quality while reducing the size to the appropriate level for Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you try to upload a Full Resolution image to social media, the site will use a much less effective process for compressing it, meaning that the photo will end up blurry. By choosing the Web Size option, you guarantee a higher-quality image on your social spaces.

Please note that for the vast majority of our galleries, we include unlimited downloads - so feel free to download one of each download size!

Downloading your photos

Sharing your gallery online

The process of downloading images, saving them, and uploading them individually to your social spaces can be a bit tedious, so we’ve enabled direct social sharing on all our client galleries. Use this option to quickly show off your beautiful photos without all the hassle of uploads and keeping track of your Full Resolution vs Web Size files!

We’ve already gone over a bit about how to share your list of Favorites, but if you’d like to share the whole gallery at once, this is a quick and easy option for you! From the main menu, select the “Share” option. This will bring up a box that will either let you copy the link to your gallery to share anywhere you’d like, or you can use one of the quick-share buttons listed to share your gallery link directly to that platform. Current quick-share options are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Email. 

You can also chose to share individual images by hovering over the photo, clicking the “Share” icon, and selecting from one of the sharing methods listed above.

A quick note about the security of your images: we do not restrict access to your gallery by default and there is no prompt to “sign in” until you are Favoriting or Downloading photos. This is an option we can enable, so if you’d like your gallery to be password-protected before viewing, please let us know! 

If you do chose to share the link to your non-password-protected gallery, rest assured that no one can download your images without the Download PIN - so keep this safe and only share it with people that you want to have access to your saved image files! And remember that there are unlimited downloads!

Sharing your gallery online

Ordering prints and photo products through the Store

The vast majority of our clients receive a print release as a part of their package, which means you have the freedom to download your images, share them online for personal use, and print them at the photo lab of your choosing. However, for added convenience and unmatched quality, we’ve partnered with a professional print lab to offer integrated shopping for all your photo needs directly from your gallery. 

You have have just made the amazing decision to invest in your family’s legacy by having your portraits taken professionally. We think this kind of commitment deserves some special treatment. We work with our photo lab to create products with high quality that use premium inks and materials and ensure that you will have real, tangible photo items to be proud of for many years to come. We stand behind the quality of any products ordered through our Store and guarantee your happiness. We cannot guarantee or provide support for products that are printed through any other photo labs, which often use inferior ink and materials.

To add photo products to your cart while reviewing your gallery, simply hover over the photo you want and click on the “Cart” icon. This will bring up a menu of products to order using that image. You can toggle between prints, wall art, and cards in various options and sizes. When you have selected the product you want, you’ll be asked to crop the photo to fit, then add it to your Cart.

You can also choose to visit the Store directly by selecting “Visit Store” from that pop up, or by clicking “Print Store” from the main menu.

You can access your cart to checkout at anytime by clicking “Cart” on the main menu. The checkout process includes shipping directly to you so you get your products as quickly as possible!

Shopping for Prints and Photo Products

We hope that you’re over-the-moon happy with your images and have an amazing experience using your gallery. If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out to us at

Stay Awesome - Christina & Courtney